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Urban Code, a series of events using technology to implement social change and solutions for Juvenile Justice. The Urban Code provides the community innovative opportunities to get hands on with their involvement in creating change. This event uses the business savvy, innovative thoughts, technical skills, and talents of the greater community to improve everyday lives.

Plan Ideas

The “Plan” event presents the social justice issue in a Think Tank format that The Urban Code is working to solve. The community is invited out to brainstorm on solutions to the issue using technology.

Develop Solutions

The best solutions from the Plan: Think Tank are presented to a audience of  developers, designers,  and non-tech professional to work together to develop a framework for a application.

Design Change

Sponsored by Best Buy, we are inviting youth to get involved in social change. High School students will help design the user interface and website for the winning Development project.


Think Tank Discussion held on Juvenile Justice Reform

This year The Urban Code focused on Juvenile Justice Reform. At the Plan event we presented, Prison Kids documentary on the Juvenile Justice System focusing on solitary confinement, racial disparity, mental health and the challenges associated with criminal justice reform. Medical professionals and leaders of the criminal justice community spoke on areas they want to see potential improvements and brainstormed with the attendees on ways to support these issues using technology.


Developing Solutions for Juvenile Justice reform

This February 2017, the best concept from Plan Thank Tank was presented to an audience of developers, designers, and non-tech professionals. The attendees spent 36 hours developing an framework for a application to encourage students to focus on making positive choices instead of ones that could potentially drive them to a life of crime. Mentors were on-site to answer questions and provide guidance to the students while they worked on their application. At the end, the students presented their project to an IT professional, the CEO of the Houston Area Urban League and a representative from the Harris County Juvenile Justice System.


User Interface Design Focus Group

October 14, 2017 | 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

The final focus group session will work with teachers and education administrators to finalize the technology solution of The Urban Code project. The group will focus on design interface, functionality, and work flow. At the completion of the focus group, beta development of the solution will begin.



Thank You to our Sponsors and Community Partners for their support of Urban Code. Several opportunities are available to support Urban Code, review our Sponsor Packet for more information. If you are interested in more details on becoming a Community Partner, contact Cherrelle Duncan at

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